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Vitrall RC

General information

Vitrall RC is an Android based remote controller for the Vitrall Visualization Server. It is able to connect with server and send information gained from device's sensors (accelerometer, magnetic field sensor and touchscreen) allowing the user to control the rendered model manually. It can also display the model. Look here? for detailed information.

For establishing configuration with the Vitrall server, special xml-based handshake? is carried out.

Component roadmap

  1. Vitrall RC Alpha Release


To maintain the application the Android SDK is required ( Android SDK). Using IntelliJ IDE is recommended (whole IDE project is placed in repository). To install the application on Android based device you have to transfer generated VitrallRC.apk file to your device, you can do it directly from IDE or by running shell command

(Android SDK directory)/platform-tools/adb install <path to you .apk file> 


There are a few constants contained in .xml files (res/values/ folder) which can be changed to configure the client, all listed below :


  • all of the strings being used in application can be changed here (including default URLs used in settings), at the moment only English language is supported.


  • threshold_sensors (default 3), a value which decides if the sensors' values change was big enough to send data to server,
  • threshold_touch (default 3), number of pixels, which decides if the move of finger touching the screen was big enough to send data to server,
  • sending_frequency (default 30), a frequency (in hertz) of messages being sent to server,
  • test_mode, binary value deciding if the test mode is on (1), or off (0). In test mode the built in barcode scanner is disabled, application connects to server with address chosen in settings (change default values in strings.xml file).

These options can also be changed when application is running by XML handshake.


SVN Repository

Vitrall RC is accessible under ( Intellij IDEA project).

Technical reports

2Q2011 Vitrall Android Report (format: pdf/language: English)

Vitrall Web Client

Vitrall Web Client is designed to access Vitrall from any web browser supporting websockets. It is also supporting multitouch gestures, which are available only when using Mozilla Firefox 4 (Windows 7 and Multitouch screen are required) - this functionality is being developed using HP TouchSmart tx2.

To use multitouch on Windows 7, Flicks functionality has to be disabled. You can do that by accessing 'Pen and Touch' menu in Control Panel (you can also open Start menu and type 'Pen and Touch', 'Pióro i urządzenia dotykowe' in Polish). Switch to tab 'Flicks' ('Szybkie ruchy') and disable the first option. Save changes by clicking 'OK' button.

Detailed information about WebSockets implementations in popular web browsers: here?.