VRPN Module

VRPN installation

mkdir vrpn ; cd vrpn
git clone git://git.cs.unc.edu/vrpn.git
cd vrpn
git submodule update --init
cd ..
mkdir build ; cd build
cmake ../vrpn

There is unistd.h header missing in: vrpn/vrpn_DevInput.C

On my system libusb was missing.

To test Vitrall with vrpn server locally, the vrpn_server can be run with the attached config.
The config has to be in the directory from which the vrpn_server is run.

./vitrall demonstration.xml --var content=vrpn


  • vrpn.cfg Download (2.3 KB) - added by ggrzelachowski 6 years ago. Simple vrpn server config.