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     5DRMAA for Torque/PBS Pro is implementation of `Open Grid Forum`_ DRMAA_ 
     6(Distributed Resource Management Application API) specification_ for 
     7submission and control jobs to PBS_ systems: `PBS Professional`_, Torque_ 
     8and OpenPBS_.  Using DRMAA, grid applications builders, portal developers 
     9and ISVs can use the same high-level API to link their software with 
     10different cluster/resource management systems. 
     12This software also enables the integration of `SMOA Computing`_ 
     13with the underlying Torque/PBS Pro system for remote multi-user job submission 
     14and control over Web Services. 
     16This manual can be found in HTML and PDF formats in ``doc`` directory. 
     22To compile the library just go to main source directory and type:: 
     24  $ ./configure [--prefix=/installation/directory] && make 
     26If you had installed PBS in a non standard directory pass it 
     27in ``--with-pbs`` configure parameter.  There are no unusual requirements 
     28for basic usage of library: ANSI C compiler and standard make should 
     29suffice (if linking against PBS Professional you will need also the OpenSSL library).   
     30If you have taken sources directly from SVN repository you would  
     31need additional `developer tools`_. For further information regarding GNU  
     32build system see the INSTALL file. 
     34For Torque_ it is advised to configure queues so jobs are leaved after 
     35the completion.  To achieve this simply type the following command for 
     36all queues which are intended to use with PBS DRMAA:: 
     38  # qmgr -c "set queue QUEUE_NAME keep_completed = 60" 
     40The value of the ``keep_completed`` parameter denotes a number of 
     41seconds jobs will have to wait in the queue after the completion (and 
     42should be greater then ``pool_delay`` value in PBS DRMAA configuration_). 
     43It enables the DRMAA library to retrieve the information about finished 
     46Alternatively you can configure the DRMAA library to use Torque server daemon logs 
     47as information source for terminated jobs (consult next section for details)  
    151Configuration file example