Since version 2.2.7 QCG-Computing is integrated with PL-Grid grants system. The integration with grant system has three main interaction points:

  • QCG-Computing can accept jobs which has grant id set explicitly. One must use the <jsdl:JobProject> element, e.g.:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

  • QCG-Computing can provide information about the local grants to the upper layers (e.g. QCG-Broker), so they can use for scheduling purpose. One can enable it by adding the following line to the QCG-Computing configuration file (qcg-compd.xml):
    <sm:Module xsi:type="sm:general_python" path="/opt/plgrid/qcg/lib/qcg-comp/modules/python/"/>

Please note that this module requires the qcg-gridmapfilegenerator to be installed.

  • The grant id is provided in resource usage record sent to the BAT accounting service