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  • Download QCG-Icon installer appropriate for you operating system.
  • During first run you will be asked about PKCS12 keystore and password. If you have your certificate in .pem format use the following command to convert it:
    openssl pkcs12 -export -descert -inkey userkey.pem -in usercert.pem -out usercred.p12 -name "My Certificate"
  • You can submit a job either by double-clicking application input file (Windows only) or using Submit task... action from QCG-Icon menu.
  • After selecting the main input file a new window will apear where you can set:
    • additional files to be staged in
    • target cluster (Resource) - you must first check where your application is preinstalled by clicking Check availability
    • wall time and optionally Queue
    • memory requirements
    • whether your application is sequential or parallel
  • After submission you can monitor your application using the main window. Double click on the table row to popup a window with current output of the application. Right click shows context menu with more action that can be applied to a job.