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QCG-Notification is an open-source implementation of the family of WS-Notification standards (version 1.3). In the context of QosCosGrid, it is used to extend features provided by QCG-Computing by adding standards-based synchronous and asynchronous notification features. QCG-Notification supports the topic-based publish/subscribe pattern for asynchronous message exchange among Web services and other entities, in particular services or clients that want to be integrated with QosCosGrid. The main part of QCG-Notification is based on a highly efficient, extended version of the NotificationBroker, managing all items participating in notification events. Today, QCG-Notification offers sophisticated notification capabilities, e.g., topic and message content notification filtering, pull-and-push styles of transporting messages. QCG-Notification has been integrated with a number of communication protocols as well as various Web services security mechanisms. The modular architecture of QCG-Notification makes it relatively straightforward to develop new extensions and plugins to meet new requirements. The architecture of QCG-Notification is presented in the following diagram.

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For more information see  QCG-Notification Home Page