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QCG BES/AR on separate Machine

If you plan to install the Smoa Computing (QCG BES/AR) service on a separate machine (for performance or security reasons) you must assure that:

  • the machine is a submit host of the Torque Local Resource Manager, what further implies that:
    • the machine share account information with the whole cluster (e.g. using LDAP or NIS),
    • the torque-client and torque-devel packages are installed,
    • the contents of the /var/spool/pbs/server_name points to the machine where the Torque pbs_server is running.
    • the Smoa Computing host is added as submit_host in the Torque server configuration:
      Max open servers: 4
      set server submit_hosts += qcg.your.domain
      set server submit_hosts += qcg
      Note: You may need to add the Smoa Computing host in the /etc/hosts.equiv file.
  • the machine mounts /home filesystem of the cluster. Alternatively you can mount any other file system that can be used by any user (e.g. the scratch filesystem).
  • the /var/spool/pbs/server_logs directory is exported in read-only mode (e.g. using NFS or Lustre) from Torque server to this machine (this share must be mounted locally as /var/spool/pbs/server_logs). The Torque DRMAA library for scalability reason can be configured to use batch system logs to get notified about jobs state changes.
  • the machine is administrative host of the Maui Scheduler, what further denotes that:
    • The maui-client package is installed.
    • On the Smoa Computing machine modify the SERVERHOST section of the /var/spool/maui/maui.cfg file. It must points to the machine where the maui daemon is running.
    • On the Maui server machine modify the ADMINHOSTS section of the /var/spool/maui/maui.cfg file and add the Smoa Computing host to the list of admin hosts.