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    77|| '''PL-Grid''' || [[Image(logo_plgrid.png,center)]] || The goal of the project is to provide the Polish scientific community with an IT platform based on Grid computer clusters, enabling e-science research in various fields. The created infrastructure is both compatible and interoperable with existing European and worldwide Grid frameworks. The system ensures scalability and enables the integration of additional local clusters, belonging to universities, research institutions and technology platforms. We foresee exploitation of PL-Grid by state authorities, crisis management teams and industrial partners. || [[]] || 
    88|| '''MAPPER''' || [[Image(logo_mapper.png)]] || The MAPPER project will respond to the critical need by developing computational strategies, software and services for distributed multiscale simulations across disciplines, exploiting existing and evolving European e-Infrastructure. This project is driven by the computational needs of seven exemplary multiscale problems from a variety of disciplines including Systems Biology, Fusion, Physiology, Engineering, and nano-Material Science.  || [[]] || 
    9 || '''!QosCosGrid''' || [[Image(logo_qoscosgrid.jpg,center)]] ||   ||  || 
     9|| '''!QosCosGrid''' || [[Image(logo_qoscosgrid.jpg,center)]] || The goal of this project was to implement software infrastructure for quasi-opportunistic supercomputing. A quasi-opportunistic supercomputer facilitated 
     10demanding parallel computing applications on the basis of massive, nondedicated resources in grid computing environments.  || [[]] || 
    1011|| '''ACGT''' || [[Image(logo_acgt.jpg,center)]] || ACGT is a European Union co-funded project aiming at developing open-source, semantic and grid-based technologies in support of post genomic clinical trials in cancer research. It addresses clinicians, bio-researchers as well as software developers' needs, providing an open platform where novell and powerful services can be offered and used by practitioners in the field.  || [[]] || 
    1112|| '''BEinGRID'''  || [[Image(logo_beingrid.jpg,center)]] || The mission of the BEinGRID project is to enable the adaptation and application of Grid technologies in the European Union market and to stimulate research within innovative business experiments.  || [[]] ||