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    88== Ongoing Projects == 
    99||= Project =||= Logo =||= Description =||= Home Page =|| 
    10 || '''PL-Grid''' || [[Image(logo_plgridplus.png,center)]] || The goal of the project is to provide the Polish scientific community with an IT platform based on Grid computer clusters, enabling e-science research in various fields. The created infrastructure is both compatible and interoperable with existing European and worldwide Grid frameworks. The system ensures scalability and enables the integration of additional local clusters, belonging to universities, research institutions and technology platforms. We foresee exploitation of PL-Grid by state authorities, crisis management teams and industrial partners. || [[]] || 
     10|| '''PL-Grid Plus''' || [[Image(logo_plgridplus.png,center)]] || The Polish Grid Infrastructure will be continuously maintained and extended: the new, 3-year project (2012-2014) has been started recently: “PLGrid Plus: Polish Roadmap toward Domain-Specific Infrastructure for Supporting Computational Science in European Research Area”. Its most important task is preparation of specific computing environments – so called domain grids – i.e., solutions, services and extended infrastructure (including software), tailored to the needs of different groups of scientists. These domain-specific solutions will be created for 13 groups of users, representing the strategic areas and important topics for the Polish and international science: AstroGrid-PL, HEPGrid, Nanotechnologies, Acoustics, Life Science, Chemistry and Physics, Ecology, SynchroGrid, Energetics, Bioinformatics, Health, Materials, and Metallurgy. || [[]] || 
    1111|| '''MAPPER''' || [[Image(logo_mapper.png)]] || The MAPPER project will respond to the critical need by developing computational strategies, software and services for distributed multiscale simulations across disciplines, exploiting existing and evolving European e-Infrastructure. This project is driven by the computational needs of seven exemplary multiscale problems from a variety of disciplines including Systems Biology, Fusion, Physiology, Engineering, and nano-Material Science.  || [[]] ||