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QCG Infrastructure Components

The QosCosGrid stack consists of a set of components playing different roles in a grid/cloud computing. On this page we present general description of main QosCosGrid components as well as description of basic relations between those in a typical QosCosGrid scenario. If you need more detailed information about functionality as well as configuration and installation procedures of particular QCG components follow links presented in the table:

Component Main function
 QCG-Computing Basic Execution Service (BES) with Advanced Reservation Support
 QCG-Notification Notification capabilities based on brokered version of OASIS WS-Notification standard
 QCG-Broker Resource Management and Brokering service
 QCG-OpenMPI Extended version of OpenMPI library supporting cross-cluster job execution
 QCG-Core Common library for QosCosGrid elements
 QCG-Tools Various elements extending the QosCosGrid functionality