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QCG Infrastructure Components

The QosCosGrid stack consists of a set of components playing different roles in a grid/cloud computing. On this page we present general description of main QCG elements as well as description of basic relations between particular components. If you need more detailed information about functionality as well as installation and configuration instructions of QCG components follow links presented in the table:

Component Main function
 QCG-Computing Basic Execution Service (BES) with Advanced Reservation Support
 QCG-Notification Notification capabilities based on brokered version of OASIS WS-Notification standard
 QCG-Broker Resource Management and Brokering service
 QCG-OpenMPI Extended version of OpenMPI library supporting cross-cluster job execution
 QCG-Core Common library for QosCosGrid elements
 QCG-Tools Various elements extending the QosCosGrid functionality