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Installation from sources

Follow attached links if you are interested in installing QosCosGrid middleware from source packgages:

 |QCG-Computing installation guide
QCG-Notification installation guide
QCG-Broker installation guide
QCG-Broker Client installation guide

You can download QosCosGrid components' sources directly from our servers:

Smoa Core library
Smoa Computing (QCG BES/AR)
Smoa Notification (QCG Notification)
QCG Broker
QCG MPI library

Installation from RPMs (tailored for the  PL-Grid project)

There are available QosCosGrid RPM packages for Scientific Linux 5.5 which are adjusted to specific PL-Grid project's requirements. Detailed installation and configuration instructions of QCG-Computing and QCG-Notification in the PL-Grid infrastructure are available on the following pages:

 installation in PL-Grid
QCG-Notification installation in PL-Grid
QCG-Broker Client installation in PL-Grid