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    498498In most cases it should be enough to change only following elements: 
    499  Database::  
     499 `Database`::  
    500500  the contact data for the Database created in the previously steps 
    501  !Transport/Module/Host::   
     501 `Transport/Module/Host`::   
    502502  the hostname of the machine where the service is deployed  
    503  !Transport/Module/Authentication/Module/X509CertFile and Transport/Module/Authentication/Module/X509KeyFile::  
     503 `Transport/Module/Authentication/Module/X509CertFile` and `Transport/Module/Authentication/Module/X509KeyFile`::  
    504504  the service private key and X.509 certificate (consult the [[|Globus User Gide]] on how to generate service certificate request or use the host certificate/key pair). Make sure that the key and certificate is owned by the `smoa_comp` user and the private key is not password protected (generating certificate with the `-service` option implies this). 
    505  Module[type="smc:notification_wsn"]/Module/ServiceURL::  
     505 `Module[type="smc:notification_wsn"]/Module/ServiceURL`::  
    506506  the URL of the [[SMOA_Notification|SMOA Notification Service]] (You can do it later, i.e. after installing the SMOA Notification service) 
    507  !FactoryAttributes/ContainedResources::  
     507 `FactoryAttributes/ContainedResources`::  
    508508  list of the all worker nodes managed by the LRMS. You should provide at least hostnames (`<bes-factory:ResourceName>`) and cpus count (`<bes-factory:CPUCount>`) for every worker node in your cluster. If you are using Torque batch system this information can be provided automatically by enabling `python/` module. 
    509  Module[type="submission_drmaa"]/@path::  
     509 `Module[type="submission_drmaa"]/@path`::  
    510510  path to the DRMAA library (the `` - search for this file within the LRMS lib directory. e.g. `/opt/sge/lib/` or `/opt/QCG/LSF/lsf7.0.3/7.0/linux2.6-glibc2.3-x86_64/lib/`) 
    511  Module[type="reservation_ares"]/@path:: 
     511 `Module[type="reservation_ares"]/@path`:: 
    512512  path to the ARES library (LSF only) 
    513  Module[type="reservation_python"]/@path::  
     513 `Module[type="reservation_python"]/@path`::  
    514514  path to the Python reservation module (SGE only) - only if you installed SMOA Computing in location other than `/opt/QCG/smoa`. 
    515  !ReservationsAdministrator::  
     515 `ReservationsAdministrator`::  
    516516  the user authorized to create and manage reservations. Usually the LRMS administrator user (like `sgeadmin` in SGE or `lsfadmin` in LSF, or any user other than root given in ADMIN* sections of the Maui config file) has sufficient rights.