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QCG OpenMPI Coordinator Installation

The QCG OpenMPI Coordinator service is a lightweight service that coordinates startup of the OpenMPI daemons among clusters.


  • Download  OpenMPI deployment scripts
  • Edit the Makefile and set the QCG_OMPI_HOME variable to the prefix selected during the OpenMPI library installation (e.g. /opt/QCG/OMPI/) then type make and make install:
      $ tar xzf ompi-deployment.tar.gz 
      $ cd ompi-deployment
      $ vim Makefile 
      $ make
      $ sudo make install

Starting the service

In order to start the service simply type:

  $ /opt/QCG/OMPI/deployment/coordinator 19009
  Starting coordinator on port 19009...

Note: We advice to use the the screen linux utility to keep the service running in the background.

Assuming that the grid machine host name is the address of the PNC service started in the above example is: This address must be given in the QCG Broker configuration file ($GRMS/broker/etc/config.prop, the broker.qoscos.ompi.pncURL property).