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QCG ProActive Coordinator Installation

The QCG-ProActive Node Coordinator (PNC) service is a lightweight service that coordinates startup of the remote JVMs (called Nodes in ProActive terminology) among clusters. It is an RMI based service.


  1. Download QCG-ProActive binary package
  2. Unpack it into directory that is accessible from every worker node within cluster (e.g. /opt/QCG/ProActive3.9)
    tar xzf ProActive3.9.tar.gz

Starting the service

In order to start the service simply type:

/opt/QCG/ProActive3.9/scripts/unix/ 19007 19008
22:34:20,934 - starting: PNC 19007 19008

Note: We advice to use the the screen linux utility to keep the service running in the background.

The first port (19007 in this case) is for the RMI registry (started automatically) and the second one (19008 in this case) is used by the actual service (remote object in the RMI terminology)

The address of the QCG-ProActive Node Coordinator service must be given in the QCG Broker configuration file ($QCG_BROKER/broker/etc/config.prop, the broker.qoscos.proactive.pncURL property). Assuming that the grid machine host name is the address of the PNC service started in the above example is: rmi://