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    1111|| '''MAPPER''' || [[Image(logo_mapper.png)]] || The MAPPER project will respond to the critical need by developing computational strategies, software and services for distributed multiscale simulations across disciplines, exploiting existing and evolving European e-Infrastructure. This project is driven by the computational needs of seven exemplary multiscale problems from a variety of disciplines including Systems Biology, Fusion, Physiology, Engineering, and nano-Material Science.  || [[]] || 
    1212|| '''p-Medicine''' || [[Image(logo-p-med.png)]] || 'p-medicine - From data sharing and integration via VPH models to personalized medicine' is a 4-year Integrated Project co-funded under the European Community’s 7th Framework Programme aiming at developing new tools, IT infrastructure and VPH models to accelerate personalized medicine for the benefit of the patient.   || [[]] || 
     13|| '''AirPROM''' || [[Image(logo-airprom.png)]] || AirPROM stands for ‘Airway Disease Predicting Outcomes through Patient Specific Computational Modelling’. This is the technical name for the 5 year European-wide project (2011-2015), which aims to produce computer and physical models of the whole airway system for people with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). || [[]] || 
    1314== Collaborating Projects == 
    1415|| '''EGI'''^[#n *]^ || [[Image(logo_egi.jpg,width=195px,center)]] || is a foundation established under Dutch law to create and maintain a pan-European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) in collaboration with National Grid Initiatives (NGIs) and European International Research Organisations (EIROs), to guarantee the long-term availability of a generic e-infrastructure for all European research communities and their international collaborators. Its mission is to enable access to computing resources for European researchers from all fields of science, from High Energy Physics to Humanities.   || [[]] ||